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Should You Remove an Oil Tank Before Selling Your Home?

Are you selling your home soon, or do you plan to sell in the future? There’s a lot to think about, from fixing up your house for maximum curb appeal to negotiating offers with potential home buyers. However, if your property has ever used oil heat, there may be something you’re forgetting. Some homes heated by oil use tanks located in the basement or aboveground on the property, but others have underground storage tanks. 

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Tips for Locating an Underground Oil Tank

Are you shopping for a new place to call home or about to begin serious renovations on your property? If the building in question uses oil heat now or has ever used it in the past, there is a chance of a buried fuel tank somewhere on the property. Buried fuel oil tanks may not seem like a big issue, especially in more rural areas, but they can be a nightmare for your whole neighborhood as they age and rust.

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How to Remove an Old Oil Tank From Your Property

How is your home heated? Many Americans still rely on oil heat from oil storage tanks. There are two main kinds of heating oil storage tanks: aboveground oil tanks and underground oil tanks. Even though these storage tanks are made from powerful and durable metal, they don’t last forever. Like any HVAC unit, your oil tank requires eventual replacement. 

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What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Company?

Do you own, manage, or otherwise spend a lot of time dealing with commercial property? If you’re a business owner, landlord, property manager, or similar, you’re probably used to dreading the winter months because of the snow and ice that pile up in parking lots — including your own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are many benefits to commercial snow removal, and it’s more affordable than you might think. Skip the shoveling this year and hire a professional snow removal company! In the Philly area? We can handle both residential and commercial snow removal in northeast Philadelphia for you.

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