Oil Tank Emergency Service in Philadelphia, Levittown, PA & NJ

24/7/365; We’re Here for You!  Call Superior Tank to handle any emergency oil tank service needs from a leaking oil tank in your basement to a diesel fuel spill on the highway, to an underground oil tank emergency service, we will be there to help.

All of our technicians have 40 hour Haz-Mat training and have the experience to handle any situation. We implement quick response times and work around the clock to provide you with the help you need. Whether that means a tank cleaning, routine maintenance, or soil remediation for leaks and health hazards, our oil tank emergency service will leave you at ease.

Oil tanks don’t last forever, and after a period of around 20 years can start to deteriorate, polluting your property with oil spills. When you need an oil tank emergency service—underground, above ground, or exterior—our technicians will arrive at your home or business with the latest and highest quality of equipment.

Some problems are easier to detect than others, but there comes a time when the water heater and gas stops working as a result of a damaged oil tank. The surrounding property and soil can see damage due to waste and pesticides, causing a hazardous environment that can affect your health. When we determine the soil is damaged, our soil remediation in NJ and PA will successfully clean up the leaks. While our technicians are highly experienced and regarded as leaders in the industry, some tanks are damaged to the point where they can’t be properly maintained. In these instances, we offer you replacement and tank removal in Philadelphia.

Our evaluation process allows us to quickly determine the extent of the predicament you’re experiencing with your tank, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure your property is safe. We serve the greater Levittown and Philadelphia region of PA, including Lehigh Valley, Delaware Valley, Main Line and South, Central and North Jersey. Plus, the weather can result in an emergency, so we offer snow removal in Northeast Philadelphia for added convenience.

Someone is always on-call, and you will get an immediate response. Our quick response time leads to quick results, including tank repair, tank cleaning, and new tank installation for your Philadelphia or NJ home.

oil tank emergency service