Oil Tank Installation in NJ & PA

Whether you need to replace an old oil tank or install a new one in your home or business in NJ or PA, Superior Tank has the knowledge, experience and high-quality products you demand. Our installations are performed by a crew of courteous, well-trained, technicians who will answer your questions as they arise and talk you through the installation process as they are completing the job. Our oil tank replacement services also cover NJ, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas as well.

Tank manufacturers offer many different tank sizes, coatings, and configurations. Superior stocks every model available for fast reliable service. With a fully stocked inventory and efficient service, Superior Tank is the name you can depend on for oil tank replacement and tank pump-outservices. The variety of services we offer include:

Above Ground Tanks

Basement Oil Tank Replacement and Installation

All new basement tanks are installed in accordance with all local and NFPA codes. They are made of 12 gauge steel. New fill and vent pipes are installed from the tank to the exterior of the building. The fill and vent pipes are painted to stop corrosion and for aesthetics. The tank will be equipped with a new oil level gauge and a vent alarm to prevent overfilling. A new oil line will be run overhead from the tank to the heater. A new fusible firomatic valve and a new oil filter will be installed at no additional charge. For an oil tank emergency service when your basement tank is leaking fuel, we will provide an immediate response at all times of the day.

Exterior Oil Tank Replacement and Installation

All exterior tanks are installed in accordance with all local and NFPA codes. They can be purchased in sizes ranging from 120 gallons all the way up to 330 gallons. Every new tank comes with a warranty ranging from 10 to 30 years, depending on which model was purchased. Superior installs all varieties of these tanks. All exterior tanks are installed on 24″ x 36″ x 2″ precast concrete pads. In order for us to create a suitable base for these concrete pads we will clear away all grass and level the dirt in the area where the tank will be installed. We will then spread out 3/4″ clean stone and place the concrete pads on top of the stone. This process ensures that the tank has an attractive, solid and safe base to sit on. All tanks come with a new oil level gauge and a vent alarm to avoid overfilling. The fill and vent pipes will be painted to protect them from the elements.

Skid Tanks Replacement and Installation

Skid tanks are a good solution if you require a tank that is larger than 330 gallons. Skid tanks start at 500 gallons and can go up to 5000 gallons. They come in single or double wall configurations. Skid tanks are usually installed in commercial applications where a larger fuel supply is needed. Superior can pour custom concrete pads to set these tanks on. When these tanks are installed in areas subject to vehicle traffic they are required to be protected by concrete filled bollards. We install the bollards too!

Under Ground Tank Replacement and Installation

Installing an underground tank is a good choice for someone who has no room for an above ground tank and wants their oil tank to be out of sight and out of the way.  For your convenience, we provide underground tank removalservices before installation. Underground tanks range in size from 275 gallons to 10,000 gallons. They can be single wall or double wall. These tanks can be coated with fiberglass to increase longevity. All underground tanks are factory tested to 6 psi to ensure they are leak free. During installation we will also pressure test the tank again to 3 psi to ensure oil lines and fill/vent pipes are leak free. These tanks are installed with vent alarms to help prevent overfilling the tank.